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Body Plate Kit
NOTE; as you may know, FFR has modified their kits in such a manner that Body Plate Kits are now obsolete on anything later than a MK4. I Still have a few of these kit left for those that have the exposed mounting bolts. Thanks, Don

This is a cool kit that gives a truly custom feel to your build. Instead of the exposed button headed bolts and washers, you substitute these plates for the washers. It adds a bit more beef to the original washer only setup and adds a custom look and feel. To many, the exposed bolts say "KIT CAR," but these plates effectively camouflage the heads. A few guys have fabricated their own, or wanted to, but it can be a time consuming process.

These plates are precision laser cut from 1/8" thick, type 304 Stainless Steel. Same as the originally supplied bolts so you should never have any corrosion issues. They are ready to mount just as they are or they can be painted, or with a just a bit of work, be polished to a luster. It's up to you. The plates are smooth and ready, there will be some light scratches on the surface, only from being processed. The cuts on the edges are nice and clean, similar to being press punched.  

The kit comes with two font mounting plates, these locate on either side of the vents. There are four side body plates supplied as well as two rear mounting plates. These will  install under the short sections of tubing in the quick jack assembly. As a plus, we'll also supply gasketing material. This is black chrome oil tanned leather, the color is all the way through the material. This is the same material used in exterior applications such as saddle bags, etc. The benefit of leather over rubber is simple. As you tighten the plates on a rubber gasket, it deforms and squishes out from around the edges. This tender edge then "frays" with age and looks like junk. Leather will not do that, plus it won't easily cut like rubber can, a danger to expensive paint jobs.

The leather is supplied with holes punched and ready for you to trace the plates out with an X-acto knife or similar. This is where the "kit" part comes into play.

Also, for those that would want an even better custom look, we're offering a machining service that countersinks the front and side plates (see picture below). We supply Flat Head Socket headed bolts and C-clips with that kit. This really adds to the finished look and makes for a bit of an easier install. This service and hardware is an additional $25.00. Otherwise, you simply use the FFR supplied bolts and nuts.  

The only thing you have to do now is decide which style suits your build best, scroll down through the pictures below and remember the style you like. You have a choice of two buttons here, the typical plate kit, or the upgraded plate kit which include the countersinking service. You will indicate your chosen style on the order form.

Thanks and let me know how the kit works out for you. 

All the best, Don                                                                                                                      

Special Introductory price .........One Kit, Eight laser cut plates and leather ......Price $69.95 

.................Above, plus Countersinking Machining, Flat Head Bolt and Clips ..... Price $94.95    

                                                           Below is CAD drawing that show the styles.

Below are pictures of each style, STANDARD PLATE shown below

RACER shown below

OVAL shown below

VENTED OVAL shown below

CUSTOM DOGBONE shown below

SOLID DOGBONE shown below


For an additional machining charge ($25.00) we will countersink the FRONT and SIDE mounting plates; supply Stainless Steel Hex drive Flat Head bolts and C-Clips. A cool upgrade and easier to install to boot!


Special Introductory price..One Kit, Eight laser cut plates and leather .....Price $69.95 

................Above, plus Countersinking Machining, Flat Head Bolt and Clips ....... Price $94.95 

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All the best, Don

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